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There is an idea, that Ukrainian folk doll appeared as a result of domestic changes, materials and making methods of making of cult womanly images. After adopting christianity heathen mythology long time remained actual, as was related to nature (Shrovetide, Kupala). It influenced on a doll-toy, changed it subject meaning.

Folk dolls from fabric are the special kind among this variety of modern dolls. Usually a doll was made unassisted needles and scissors. It was impossible to cut it, or prick it because of maternal love and anxiety been put into.

Price doll depends on its size, design and material. The submitted site collection is constantly updated.

Description of doll     

Dolls "Duchesses-bright"

Dolls "Duchesses-flax"

Ukrainian souvenirs, doll

A doll "Angels"

Ukrainian souvenirs-talismans

Ukrainian tableware


Appearance of young girl, «flowered girl», «duchess and bridesmaid», in the separate villages of Poltavschini, Cherkaschini and Kyivshchyna, symbolizes fertility and life. While appearance of doll-mother remain in other villages of these areas. As material served a straw, grass, fabric, branch of trees, clay, tree, reed and others like that.

Doll designate for decoration of interior in a different apartments, is the best gift to the different holidays, birthday, wedding.






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