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A good hand


A good hand Olena Orekhova

A good hand Olena Orekhova

Was born in m. Kyiv on October, 1 1961r. Twenty five years ago appear desire to make attempt itself in to decoratively applied art, but it required the relevant knowledge. Studied to that purpose, gradually professionalizing a hobby.

At first it was talismans, pictures, collages and others like that, which she granted and sold on fairs and exhibitions. After some time she a necessity to expand the limits of creation. A maiden attempt was simple dolls souvenir with a person. An improvement needed the proper knowledge’s that induced to appeal to scientific researches which it appeared not enough.

The obtained information and persistent labour enabled gradually to attain a present level. So a knot doll appeared in life of Olena Orekhovoy.

She constantly takes part with knot dolls on fairs and exhibitions which take place in Ukraine’s territory. On invitation of various organizations and establishments conducts the master classes.


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