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Description of doll



Dolls of the Middle Dnieper original by way of manufacturing complex for decorative palette. This doll made way binding and wrapping units without needles and scissors.Therefore, it is called "tophaceous doll." It was thought that the doll should not be like a man because she can to go into an evil spirit.

The cross on the face - a symbol of the rainbow, so it is with the bright filaments. Face - solar sun sign. All vertical lines - a man's beginning, all the horizontal lines - female.

The prevalence of female images on men because of women's image has long been associated idea of the goddess of fertility, Berehynia hearth and defender.

So dolls Middle Dnieper are the most ceremonial form. They are decorative, bright, starchati with pagan slightly mysterious look. Since folk dolls made of cloth were an integral part of the peasant household environment associated with tillage work and home, so they in ancient times and today is a symbol of fertility, motherhood and a kind of talisman.

For beauty dolls judged on taste and ability of its holders. Therefore, in the course were brilliant pieces of cloth, rope, embroidery, beads and other decorations. Tissue tore in pieces, made oblong bag, tied in a handkerchief and tied ropes.

Dolls were made hastily or to appease amuse the child, or how hard.

Elaborate, lavishly dressed doll is valuable household property, while acting intermediary between older and younger generations, the key to prosperity, a happy family life and protection from evil forces.

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